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About Us

Who are we?

Te Reo Maioha is an incorporated association registered in NSW.

We are a not-for-profit Maori language community school that was established in 2005 teaching the Maori language to adults in Sydney and from 2018 in Melbourne.

Thousands of adults have passed through the doors of Te Reo Maioha throughout this period.


About our program

Lessons are taught using the Te Ataarangi methodology, which is modeled on The Silent Way method developed by Caleb Gattegno and utilises cuisenaire rods (rākau) and spoken language.

Classes are total immersion using only the Maori language, however do not let this deter you.

The main emphasis is on listening and speaking rather than written learning.

The program includes other forms of communication without the need to speak English, including, singing (waiata), sign language (tohu a ringa), and the use of coloured cuisenaire rods (rakau).

This method enables students to quickly memorise and retain what is being taught.

Te Ataarangi

Te Ataarangi has been at the forefront of Māori Language Revitalisation and is well-known for the use of coloured cuisenaire rods as a learning tool. It’s an effective language-learning technique that encourages you to speak. It has supported more than 50,000 people to speak Māori in homes and communities.


Our affiliation to Te Ataarangi is through the Australian region (rohe) Te Paapaka nui a Maui Inc of Te Ataarangi International Inc Society.

The original connections to Te Ataarangi for this kura was through the Te Upoko o Te Ika region and the kura Te Reo Maioha Charity Trust Otaki, from which this school proudly takes its name.

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